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Nick James

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Isn't it funny how thirty people can listen to the same speaker and have thirty different responses.

I've done it myself - sat in a room listening to someone speak at a seminar and thought how boring or irrelevant their talk was. But later on, comparing thoughts with others, find that they thought the speaker was wonderful.

We can all project our knowledge to the world at large - but the world isn't always listening.

Some days I get emails that say how the writer felt that this newsletter was talking directly to them, and in the same inbox others say that they didn't think much of the edition.

It isn't in the speaker, it is in the listener.

There is no solution. We are all different and have different needs right now.

The only advice I can offer is that we all should take notes even if the subject matter doesn't seem to be exactly what we want. Because, tomorrow it might be.

Our needs change. Sometimes we NEED a reminder of something basic, sometimes we NEED to be stretched.

Whoever you are listening to - whether a family member or a public speaker - pay active attention. there might just be something in what they are saying that you will NEED tomorrow.... And be rest assured all the Tip Of The Week Email Newsletters I publish are all being archived on internetmarketingtrainingclub.com should you wish to go back and read a past edition.


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How To Add A Banner To Your Email Signature File In Gmail

I have recently been asked how I was able to add a promotional banner to the bottom of all my outgoing emails. Because I use Gmail from Google, it is extremely quick and easy to do. This short video Click here to watch the video:

Screencast:- How To Use The New Favourites Tool On internetmarketingtrainingclub.com

Here is a handy short video tutorial that shows you how to organise your favourite article, videos and screencasts on internetmarketingtrainingclub.com into your own list of favourites. Complete with your bespoke notes... Click here to watch the video:

1,000 Niche Business Ideas For Your Consideration

It seems like just about everyone is looking to start a business these days. Whether it's to earn a little bit of extra money or to venture into full-fledged entrepreneurship, people need IDEAS....Click here to read full article:

How To Convert More Visitors At Your Subscription Website

Powerful bulleted headlines can give your membership website the rocket launch boost it needs. So what's a bullet then, if not something that's shot from a gun? Find out .Click here to read the full article:


Every time you pick up the telephone, smile.

A smile is not just a movement of muscles. It permeates your whole being. Smiling changes the way you speak, and it changes the way you think.

The person on the other end of the line may not be able to see your sunny face, but they will surely notice your tone of voice and respond positively.

When you are smiling, your own brain tries to keep up by replacing negative emotions with positive ones. Your responses in the phone conversation will be colored by positivity.

'When you're smiling, the whole world smiles with you.'



When a female elephant has been pregnant for more than 20 months, she goes in search of a boraginacaea tree. A chemical in its leaves can induce labor.

Perhaps Melanie in the movie 'Gone With the Wind' should have popped out to the jungle - according to the actual historical battles mentioned in the film, her pregnancy lasted 21 months!


Listen to your thoughts because even though you may have had them a thousand times, each time they are original.

Each time you have a thought you bring to it all the experience of your life so far - and so each time, you can attach more to it. Until one day, all the pieces fit.



Dwight D. Eisenhower said,

"An intellectual is a man who takes more words than necessary to tell more than he knows."


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