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Nick James - May 06, 2012

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Hi ~Contact.FirstName~,

Set the alarm on your phone for 1:01pm today.

Because today is going to be an exciting day ... for BOTH OF US!

An exciting day for YOU because at 1pm this afternoon (or very soon after), I'm going to be sending you another email LIVE from a induction workshop I'm running for some of my newest Protégé Students.

The email will reveal how you can be a GUARANTEED WINNER in my new 21-Day 'Most Improved' competition ... a competition with a BIG Cash Prize.

That's why you're setting your alarm for just after 1 o'clock, because I really don't want you getting annoyed with me because you missed the email (and missed out!).

So, check your inbox just after 1 today – we'll all be watching to see if you did :-)




PS: I nearly forgot to tell you why today is so exciting for me – during the workshop I'm going to be recording a new product with one of the attendees (and we ALL like creating new products, don't we!) PLUS, I'll be demonstrating one of my latest software solutions live for the first time (... more information about that coming soon!)

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Powerful people have powerful secrets.

The thing with most 'secrets' is that they are usually hidden in plain view. So simple do they appear to the uninitiated that they are overlooked and ignored.

But all the time the people 'in the know' happily continue to use their simple but powerful secrets to forge further and further ahead.

I'm going to tell you one of those secrets right now - please don't dismiss it as 'obvious' or 'simplistic'. In truth, it is both of those things, but that doesn't mean that more than a handful of people actively use it!

Successful people share their goals.

Read that again:

Successful people share their goals.

Okay, let's look at what it really means and how you can harness the awesome power hidden in those five words.

People who consistently achieve things have learned that inside their own minds are two forces that are in opposition to each other.

Those forces are inside your mind, and mine.

One force is pushing you to achieve and the other is trying to pull you back. This duality is the nature of all things. It isn't good or bad, it just is.

For most of us, the balance between these forces allows us to make short bursts of progress, only to be balanced by long periods of inactivity and procrastination. Our forward momentum is, as a result, usually slow and frustrating.

High achieving people have learned that they mostly can't fight their own nature, so they need a strategy to keep the positive forward-looking part of their mental make-up in the dominant position.

They do this by bringing in an outside person to act as their conscience and goad.

When you tell someone else your goal and ask them to keep you focused on it, that other person ONLY has the positive results in mind. they do NOT bring your hidden doubts into their own thinking. They may have their own doubts about your goals, but as the goals are not heir own, they never need to articulate them.

By sharing you goals with a trusted other person, and allowing that person to constantly remind you, you are setting up a feedback loop that tips the balance in favour of your achieving nature.

You create an external conscience that keeps you on track.

Try it out for yourself.

Tell a trusted friend one of your goals and ask them to regularly ask you for a status update.

And you do the same for them.

Then watch as two people become super achievers.


The only thing I'm going to recommend is that you have your eyes 'glued' to your email inbox at lunch time today and look out for my extra special email to you with the subject line: ~Contact.FirstName~, YOU are A GUARANTEED WINNER...

Because if there is one email you will NOT want to miss during 2012... It will be this one. :-)


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There is truism which says, 'Fail to plan, and you plan to fail.'

It may be a cliche, but it is no less true for that.

Begin every day with an action plan. Your daily list will become your very best friend. Make your plans and although your success may not be assured - it will be in sight.

But don't forget that there is nothing to stop you changing a plan. You own it.


Emus and kangaroos feature on the Australian coat of arms because neither creature can walk backwards.


Have you ever blown up a balloon and then let the air out again?

It never goes back to the same size again, does it. Once you've filled it with air, the rubber stretches and the balloon is forever changed.

Our brains are like rubber balloons. Every time we fill them with new ideas, thoughts, concepts and knowledge, the edges are expanded a little and nothing we can do can unexpand them again.

Real inspiration comes from allowing our minds to stretch a little further than we are normally comfortable with. That simple act of widening the window in our mind lets so much more light in that all kinds of dark places become forever illuminated.


Dr Joyce Brothers said,

"Being taken for granted can be a compliment. It means that you've become a comfortable, trusted person in another person's life."

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