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    Home | Sample Articles | Warning: Another eBay eMail Scam
    Warning Another eBay eMail Scam
    Warning Another eBay eMail Scam

    Warning: Another eBay eMail Scam

    Nick James

    I am posting this article because I do not want anyone I know to be taken in by a few of the bad apples on the internet. 

    I received this spoof email in my inbox today. Looks official doesn't it.  Well it's not it's a scam! do NOT respond to this email. the senders are NOT from eBay and are merely trying to access your account details.

    A certain percentage of people will fall for it. let's make sure you are not one of those people.

    How am I so sure this email is a spoof? well, firstly it was sent to an email address that eBay have never had. I do not use for any eBay business. Secondly, all emails with regard to my eBay account do not arrive in my inbox on my main computer, they arrive in the outlook express email program on my seperate 'order processing computer' on the other side of my office.

    Here's a copy of the email as it arrived, I have not changed a thing, the links in the following spoof email still go to the original senders "spoof" web site. So DO NOT click the links in the email.

     ### STARTS ###

    eBay request: Pay your fees to eBay  
    Dear eBay customer,

    Due to our new services you have to pay your eBay fees.You can pay with your credit/debit card. We will ask for your credit/debit card only once.We will charge your account once per month.However you will receive a confirmation request in about 24 hours after the credit/debit card is authorized.You have 24 hours from the time you'll receive the e-mail to complete this eBay Request.

    Note:Ignoring this message will cause eBay TKO Suspension notice.

    To make the funds payable to us please use this link:

    eBay will request personal data(password; credit card/bank numbers, and so on) in this email.
    Thank you for using eBay!

    This eBay notice was sent to you based on your eBay account preferences.If you would like to review your your notification preferences for other types of communications,
    click here.If you would like to receive this email in text only,click here.
    As outlined in our User Agreement, eBay will periodicaly send you information about site changes and enhancements.Visit our Privacy Policy and User Agreement if you have any questions.
    Copryright C 2004 eBay Inc. All rights Reserved.
    Designed trademarks and brands are the property of theis respective owners.
    eBay and the eBay logo are trademarks of eBay line.

    ### ENDS ###

    I have placed this article in the public area of if you would like to let others know about it, please do not copy the article but email them a link the direct page is or use the "tell a friend" service in the left hand navigation menu.

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