Nick James, internet entrepreneur shares his tactics, techniques and strategies for anyone starting an online business, searching for online business ideas or looking for internet businesses for sale. Read Nick James reviews, buy Nick James products, get copywriting tips, internet marketing business resources, online auction tips and much
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    <b>Featured Resources</b>
    Free PDF Report Shows You How to Create Hot Selling, High Priced Products FAST, For Both Yourself AND For Paying ClientsFree PDF Report Shows You How to Create Hot Selling, High Priced Products FAST, For Both Yourself AND For Paying Clients
    Nick James
    There are literally millions of experts out there who have focused knowledge people would pay dearly for, but they don't know how to package it in a way that will sell, and sell big. That's where you come in. Using the simple system outlined below, you can quickly make products that you know in advance will sell well. And you can do this for yourself as well as working for or partnering with experts to make their own products. . . . keep reading

    Free PDF Report Shows You The Top 6 Tools We Use Every Day To Make $10,000+ Online Each MonthFree PDF Report Shows You The Top 6 Tools We Use Every Day To Make $10,000+ Online Each Month
    Nick James
    Would you like to discover the tools that professional full time Internet Marketers and Product Developers use everyday to run their online empires? Find them all here in this handy summary report. . . . keep reading

    How to Build Passive Cash Funnels From ScratchHow to Build Passive Cash Funnels From Scratch
    Nick James
    How would you like to set up a simple system that collects the email addresses of your prospects and then markets to them automatically? We are of course talking about a sales funnel, something you can set up in one day in almost any moneymaking niche. It doesn't take any great skill or talent. You don't need your own products. You don't even have to use your own content. . . . keep reading

    Webinar ReplayWebinar Replay
    Nick James & Frank Garon
    Watch The Webinar Replay From The Recent Webinar With Frank Garon Which Exposes: The 9 Fatal Errors Most Internet Marketers Make And How You Can Avoid Them . . . keep reading

    How To Write Blog Headlines That Increase TrafficHow To Write Blog Headlines That Increase Traffic
    Nick James
    We talk all the time about having a great headline to draw your visitors into reading your articles and blog posts. After all, while 80% of people will read the headline, only 20% of those will begin reading the post itself. But what about writing effective headlines that not only get your posts read, but get them shared socially too? . . . keep reading

    Rapid List Building WebinarRapid List Building Webinar
    Nick James & Tim Paige
    If you missed the webinar last Tuesday, here is your opportunity to watch the replay. Discover how to build your list in Superfast time by concentrating on just FOUR pages on your website. This 90 minute webinar is packed with useful tips you can put to work right away. . . . keep reading

    How To Write Articles Or Blog Posts Faster and Easier With This Simple 3-Step ProcessHow To Write Articles Or Blog Posts Faster and Easier With This Simple 3-Step Process
    Nick James
    You may remember from your English classes at school that there is a 3 part format you're taught to use when writing essays. Well the good news is that this formula can also be used when writing about any subject and for virtually any style of writing. It's extremely easy and you'll find it's considerably faster to write all of your articles and blog posts when you use it. . . . keep reading

    Video Marketers: 15 Tips For Going ViralVideo Marketers: 15 Tips For Going Viral
    Nick James
    Since you're making videos anyway, why not shoot for the zenith of online video marketing and go for viral? While you can never totally predict what will go viral and what won't, there are some tricks to make it much more likely your video is the one your viewers will forward to others. . . . keep reading

    5 Facebook Marketing Tips: How To Establish Your Presence On Facebook5 Facebook Marketing Tips: How To Establish Your Presence On Facebook
    Nick James
    Every month, more than 100 million people log into their account at Facebook, which has made it become the largest social networking program out there. Use these Facebook marketing tips to help get more visitors to your site and to make more sales. . . . keep reading

    <b>Recent Videos</b>
    Video Tutorial: Introduction To cPanelVideo Tutorial: Introduction To cPanel
    eShowcase Support
    Welcome to the introduction to cPanel the most popular web hosting control panel in the universe, okay maybe not the universe but I like it a lot mainly because of the gooey interface and heck even that sounds tasty. However, this gooey is GUI, that means graphical user interface and not something like a jelly-filled donut. . . . keep reading

    Video Tutorial: Adjusting Your cPanel PreferencesVideo Tutorial: Adjusting Your cPanel Preferences
    eShowcase Support
    In this video, we're going to begin to cover the various panels or modules or sections or whatever you want to call them throughout cPanel. This one's going to be dealing with the preferences module or section or panel and in most cases, this is going to be the very top module, likewise in this one here. . . . keep reading

    Video Tutorial: Setting Up eMail Preferences With CpanelVideo Tutorial: Setting Up eMail Preferences With Cpanel
    eShowcase Support
    In this video, we're going to cover the mail module, which is pretty much everything to do with your domain's email -- that's from creating the email account to protecting your emails, heck even forwarding them elsewhere. . . . keep reading

    Video Tutorial: Guided Tour Around The cPanel File Manager ModuleVideo Tutorial: Guided Tour Around The cPanel File Manager Module
    eShowcase Support
    This video is on the files module or files panel, possibly the most important module in the entire bunch. This is where you can create, edit, manipulate and backup the files that make up your websites. There is a little bit of a difference between the two hosting services that I use here in this example. In this case we've got this third party backup and restore application and in this case we do not. In this instance, we've got the Anomalous FTP where it is not available here. . . . keep reading


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    "Nick, I don't know if I ever thanked you for all the projects you've worked on with me, but I want to tell you that, thanks to what I learned from you regarding text formatting and everything on how to make a salespage, I managed to increase conversion of a salespage of one of my clients with around 64% improvement), So... THANK YOU big time for all your teachings. "
    Robert Roth - Designer

    "You must be the 'Carlsberg' of the Internet.  Absolutely flawless in your approach to people, a true deliverer of the value added service.  Your a very honourable person and it has been a true pleasure to do business with you."
    Denzil Durke
    Swansea, West Glamorgan

    "Hi Nick, I've joined your site yesterday and wanted to say thanks. It's a great resource with a wealth of information. Just what the UK needed !! I'm loving the articles. Thanks again!"
    Dave Frosdick
    Hyndland, Glasgow

    "...Many thanks for such a stimulating spectrum of information..."
    Peter Hughes
    Cookham, Berkshire

    "Nick, I subscribed to your site yesterday as it went live. An idea I gained from it has already helped me come up with a very exciting product. This one idea alone is worth 100 times your subscription rate. The site is excellent..."
    Lee Wood